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2013 Race Results for KTM of Aspen Riders

We at KTM of Aspen would like to congratulate our support riders for their great results in 2013. Here is how they finished:

  •  Ian Blythe: 4th Overall RMEC Enduro Series. 8th Overall National Enduros. 19th Overall GNCC series and ISDE Gold with 44th Overall.
  •  Dirk Hale: 2nd Overall RMEC Enduro Series
  •  Justino Ochoa: 7th Overall RMEC Enduro Series
  •  Ben Wagonman: 1st Overall 40+A RMEC Enduro Series
  •  Theresa Wagonman: 5th Overall 250 A RMEC Enduro Series


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Dirk Hale 2


For 2012 we are pleased to announce that Ian Blyth has joined our team. He is an incredibly talented rider and is on his way to the top. Ian is racing a 2012 KTM 350 SXF and a 250 SXF this year. The 21-year-old Colorado native has been racing for over ten years and is the son of local enduro legend John Blyth. In 2011 Ian raced for HM Honda Zanardo in the Enduro World Championship. He had many top 10 finishes in the Junior Class. Ian is currently pursuing the Pro 2 WORCS series and the World Enduro Championship. Ian will race both the Nationals and local enduros and motocross’s in between these series. Ian’s resume:

  • 2007 National Enduro Overall A class champion
  • 2008 RMEC AA/Overall champion
  • 2008 VDR Hare Scramble Pro Class Champion
  • 2008 National Enduro 8th AA/Overall
  • 2009 RMEC AA/Overall champion
  • 2009 WEBE Pro Class Champion
  • 2009 WORCS 450A champion
  • 2010 WORCS 2nd Pro 2
  • Individual Race Accomplishments
  • 2007 Missouri Mudders National Enduro 5th Overall
  • 2008 LTR Nat Enduro 4th Overall
  • 2009 Inyan Kara Nat Enduro 3rd Overall
  • 2010 Idaho City 100 2nd Overall
  • ISDE Junior Team 2010 Mexico, US Jr.Team finished 3rd
  • ISDE Junior Team 2011 Finland, US Jr Team finished 4th


Dirk Hale has been one of our racers, testers, and technicians since 1995. He has raced everything from a 200 to a 450 and everything in between. This year Dirk has decided to race a 2012 KTM 350 SXF. Dirk is out to prove that even though he is turning 40 this year, he will defy the expectations of age. Dirk’s passion and commitment to the sport and KTM of Aspen are unshakeable. With a great season opener in Arizona, Dirk is hoping to club-qualify for the ISDE in 2013. “I started when I was five and I will be finished on the day I die.” Dirk’s resume:

  • 2007 RMEC 1st 200A Class
  • 2008 RMEC 8th Overall
  • 2009 RMEC 6th Overall
  • 2010 RMEC 3rd Overall
  • 2010 WEBE 5th Overall Pro Class
  • 2011 RMEC 10th Overall

Individual Results

  • 2008 National Enduro, Wickenburg Az 12th Overall
  • 2008 WEBE Monticello, Ut 6th Overall
  • 2011 WEBE Monticello, Ut 2nd Overall
  • 2012 RMEC/AMRA, Wickenburg, AZ (Rounds 1 &2)
  • Ist Day 6th Overall
  • 2nd Day 5th Overall, including 3rd overall fastest time in test 6



Nicole is competing on a 2012 KTM 200 XCW and 2012 KTM 350 XCF this year. Nicole has an accomplished off-road record. She has earned 2 ISDE gold medals, 1 silver and 2 bronzes. It was at the ISDE in 2008 where she set the standard for other women by being the first female to not drop any trail points in six days of competition. On top of Enduro, Nicole has been on the US Trial de Nations team four times and has also finished the grueling Scottish Six Day’s Trial in 2003. Her 2011 season was plagued with injuries, but she is now prepared for the 2012 season where she plans to compete in the National Hare and Hound series, Endurocross and ISDE.

Ned Suesse is an off-road, dual sport and Dakar Rally racer. Ned has been a long-time KTM tester and big help to our team. “The Dakar has fascinated me for many years. I love long, technical loops and racing comes after riding and exploring for me. The Dakar goes from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, crossing the Andes in the middle, so it is the longest and most technical ride I have done. After studying the race for many years, I decided it was 2012 or bust, so I did whatever I had to do to get to the start line. Turns out, that is a lot!

My goal for the race was simply to finish, so my plan was to stay within my comfort zone and not worry how I was doing relative to anyone else. The biggest challenge in Dakar isn’t any single obstacle, it is the sheer distance involved (think Fairbanks Alaska, to Miami Florida, PLUS 500 miles), and keeping the law of averages from catching up with you. The race bike was a 2009 KTM 450 XCW I got from the crew at Aspen as a leftover. I built it as simply (and cheaply) as I could, with the logic that the same bike is as capable and reliable as a trail bike and it would work well for my goals at Dakar. That turned out to be true as it held up perfectly through the entire 9000km race!

In the end, everything came together. The bike worked perfectly for my goals, I managed to avoid any serious crashes, and after 14 stages and 9000 km, I got to cross the finish line in Lima, Peru as the only American to make it to the end. A big thanks to Mike, Justin, and the rest of the Aspen crew for helping me achieve my dream.”