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Don’t get left behind! KTM of Aspen/Rocky Mountain Racing Works has a complete schedule of rides, tours and get-togethers all year long. Call us for details or to sign up for our email list.

2014 RIDE SCHEDULE[divider scroll_text=””]

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March 15-17: Chimney Rock, Utah[divider scroll_text=””]

May 3-5: Goblin Valley, Utah[divider scroll_text=””]

May 24-26: Monticello, Utah[divider scroll_text=””]

July 26-28: Taylor Park, CO[divider scroll_text=””]

August 31 – September 8: Idaho[divider scroll_text=””] 

Call for more details. We do local weekend rides too!


[frame src=”” width=”421″ height=”241″ lightbox=”on” title=”Hot Springs Camping in Baumgartner, Idaho” align=”left” ]

[frame src=”” width=”190″ height=”241″ lightbox=”on” title=”Breather in Idaho” align=”left” ]